Page 10 - Co Products Brochure

All of the feedstuffs are high in phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. However,
they are low in calcium and sodium, which means that these two elements should
be provided through other sources.
All the agri-products are relatively rich in iron and zinc. The trace minerals
tend to concentrate in the CSL, and so the trace-mineral content of Gluten-20
is enriched in proportion to the amount of CSL added to this agri-product.
In general, feedstuffs from maize wet-milling make significant contributions of
minerals and trace elements to the feed formulations in which they are used.
The energy values of the feedstuffs vary for different animal species. Cattle derive
almost as much energy from the higher-fibre, lower-protein Gluten-20 as they do from
Gluten-60. Poultry and pigs can metabolise more of the energy content of Gluten-60
than that of Gluten-20.
However, current research findings indicate that under suitable conditions, certain
classes of poultry and pigs utilise
more efficiently than
previously believed.