Page 14 - Co Products Brochure

Dairy cattle
Tongaat Hulett Starch’s agri-products are well suited to use in dairy feeds.
Gluten-60 is a protein source that readily bypasses the digestive process in the rumen and
is thus available for digestion in the small intestine. Gluten-60 has high levels of methionine,
which is usually limited in diets of high-producing dairy cows, and so complement lysine-rich
feed sources (fish meal, soya beans, and proteins of animal origin).
Gluten-20 is rich in neutral detergent fibre (NDF), has a medium energy level, and is
relatively low in starch (23 percent). It therefore plays an invaluable role in high-energy
rations with high starch levels by reducing starch levels in these rations and thereby
limiting acidosis. The high fibre content in Gluten-20 helps enhance butterfat levels.
Gluten-20 with 20 percent crude protein partially replaces some of the more costly
protein sources. It can be used at levels of 15 to 20 percent (on a DM basis) in
formulations for dairy cattle.