Page 7 - Co Products Brochure

The starch, gluten, and husks are finely ground to reduce the size of the starch grains
and gluten particles, which are then removed with sieves.
The husks (fibre) are separated, mixed with CSL, and dried to a moisture content
of 12 percent, resulting in Gluten-20. CSL is rich in minerals and protein (50% crude
protein on a
DM basis) that have been leached from the
maize, and in
combination with the husks is a valuable animal feed ingredient.
The starch granules and gluten particles are separated from each other. The gluten is
washed again to remove the last traces of starch and dried to a moisture content of
approximately 9 percent.
The starch is refined so that it is ready for processing into starch powders and glucose
The main object of maize wet milling is to manufacture starch and glucose syrups,
as well as various glucose powders.